Intuitive Coaching

We all have intuition or gut feelings, or messages that come in our thoughts and dreams. Rosemary utilizes her intuitive skills to help guide and inspire the client to listening on a deep level to that guidance.  The goal is to allow the client to access their divine connection, and take conscious action and responsibility toward their souls purpose and ultimate potential.  Intuitive Coaching takes place as part of a body work session or as a standalone service.  30 Minutes available via phone.  

Intuitive Coaching - 30 Mins

30 Minutes via Phone - Intuitive Coaching with Rosemary. Sign up/Pay in advance here. You will be contacted with a date/time that is mutually agreeable.

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Oracle Cards 

Do you have questions about your life's purpose, your career, your relationships or your health? Angel card readings can offer guidance into any and all aspects of your life.  Often during Energy Healing sessions questions arise and the cards are used to help provide further clarity and answers. I've found the cards provide a great deal of insight.

Rose Healing Center also offers card readings as a stand-alone service.  These readings are typically 30 or 45 minutes in length and are done in person or over the phone. You have a choice as many different decks of Oracle Cards - including the Thoth Tarot, Angel Cards, Goddesses and others - many by Doreen Virtue. Each card deck provides insight and works to help you achieve your highest good.  These sessions are available either in person, via skype or phone.  

30 minute session is $60.   To set up a session call (914) 365-8788 email me at

The images below are live links to Amazon if you are interested in purchasing any of these decks.