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Learn To Work With Your Light Centers - An Intensive 2 day Workshop - Dates TBA (October, 2019) 9 AM to 3 PM $350

A unique, intensive 2 day workshop by special guest teacher Cheryl Banfield of the Love Light Illumination Center of Maine.

Date & Time: TBA (October, 2019) 9 AM to 3 PM

Fee: $350 includes Workshop, snacks, tea and take-home gift.

Rose Healing Center is proud to host Cheryl Banfield for this incredible 2 day workshop where Cheryl will lead us on a journey with our newly evolving light body centers.

I met Cheryl Banfield last summer in Maine and returned in October to be trained in the Light Centers. She is pure light and the perfect channel for Mother Mary energy. I am so excited that she is coming to New York and the Rose Healing Center to offer her gifts to RHC’s clients and friends.
— Rosemary Boyle Lasher, Founder RHC

If you've been introduced to your newly evolving light body or are simply curious about it, and would like to learn how you can work with your light centers, these two days are for you! Your light centers can be worked with through meditation, intention, and specific techniques to allow ease through healing, shifting, challenging situations, etc. The light centers hold our spiritual vibration here in this physical experience, allowing us to live from our higher vibration in our daily lives. 

Day 1: Learning about the Light Centers

We will go through each of the 13 light centers learning about them, understanding what they are and how they can support us and enhance our experiences in our daily lives.   Energy is coming in for each light center and moves each person into higher a vibration, into different way of being. 

Day 2 Working with the Light Centers

We will learn how to work with the light centers through meditation, intention and techniques. We will be introduced to 13 different crystals, which will correspond with the 13 light centers and learn how to meditate with the crystals. We will learn how to use the light centers in different situations or aspects of our lives.   There will be individual healing experienced with each of the 13 light centers within the body mind and spirit.   

This event is LIMITED to 9 participants and will sell out quickly.