Rosemary boyle Lasher

Rosemary is a trauma informed vibrational energy therapist specializing in Sound Healing, Reflexology and Biodynamic Craniosacral Balancing.  She has been a student and practitioner of the healing arts since 1999. As the founder and director of the Rose Healing Center in Westchester County NY she utilizes her talents as an experienced spiritual mentor, empath and intuitive to bring a wide variety of services to her clients. More about Rosemary

Betty Sue Hanson

Betty Sue Hanson teaches Reiki at Rose Healing Center and is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Angel Communicator, Certified Practitioner of Rebirthing with Crystals and founder of “Earth Walks – Harmony by Nature” - a method of engaging our mind and body to be fully in harmony with nature and to bring meditation into our experience of walking. More about Betty Sue Hanson.

Betty Sue regularly teaches Reiki classes at the Rose Healing Center and in Northern NJ.  She can be reached at Phone: (973) 270-8115. Email:

The following are the practitioners who have helped me on my healing path. These are my teachers. I encourage you to visit their sites and contact them if you are called to do so. I can highly recommend any and all of the following:

Cathy Anesi is the founder of the Lighthouse Retreat & Wellness Center. Cathy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Reiki Master and a cognitive behavioral therapist.

Cheryl Banfield is a spiritual healer and medium and the founder and director of the Love Light Illuminations Center in Maine. She works with the energy of Mother Mary.

Elizabeth Harper is an award winning author, mystical artist, color clairvoyant, teacher and spiritual guide.

Betty Sue Hanson is an Intuitive Energy Healer who has been therapeutically working with clients for  20 years.Working with the body’s subtle energies, she facilitates a person’s inherent ability to recognize their authentic self.  Once this recognition occurs, healing takes place.

Kerry Jacobson is a craniosacral therapist, reiki practitioner and a deep energy massage therapist.

Mary Ellen O'Brien is a Workshop Leader, Certified Career & Spiritual Coach who also offers Channeled Soul Guidance Sessions (often at Rose Healing Center).   Her passion is helping individuals awaken their true essence.

Cathleen O'Connor, PhD is a best-selling author, inspirational speaker, dream analyst, and life/business coach. Cathleen is known as the "Balance Whisperer".

Rocio LaRosa is a shaman, medicine woman and an Ordained Minister who began her spiritual work in 2007 after years of serious illness. Part of her spiritual initiation, was being diagnosed with many things such as Cancer, Lupus and Fibromyalgia, which brought her to reawaken her lineage into healing for herself and others.

Peggy Zern, Feldenkrais Practitioner: Peggy conducts individual "lessons" (Functional Integration) and Classes (Awareness Through Movement)  Peggy can be reached at: Phone: 914-844-7782 Email: