What is Vibrational Energy Medicine?


Vibrational medicine is a term used to describe a wide variety of “energy work” and methods including Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), and more - see below for specific vibrational medicine offered at Rose Healing. Almost everything we touch and see has a living pulse inside of it. The body is filled with and surrounded by, energy fields that can be maneuvered to assist with healing. Different techniques  are designed to balance the energy of the body on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual basis. Energy healing is  available both in person and long distance.  

Methods of Energy Healing offered at Rose Healing


Reiki assists in the release of physical, mental and emotional blockages, and allows for an experience of deep inner calm. Reiki uses a serene and meditative soft touch were the practitioner is seeking to transmit Universal Life Energy to the client. Rosemary is a Reiki Master since 1999 and trained with several Reiki Masters including Betty Sue Hanson and Dina Kennedy. 

Mind Body

Craniosacral TherapyA hands on therapy using gentle touch to assist the skeleton and connective tissues, especially the skull and sacrum. Craniosacral Therapy is based on the  theory that the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord, has subtle, rhythmic pulsations that are vital to health. Rosemary trained with Integrative Healing and Body Work.

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) combines angelic energy with specific hand positions and light acupressure in various locations on the physical body to gently and easily lift suppressed cellular memory from within your physical and energetic body.   IET is known as the modality which gets the “issues out of your tissues” for good!  IET helps integrate the pain of the past, into the power of the present, to bring about the joy of the future. Rosemary have been initiated into IET through Betty Sue Hanson

Alchemy Energetics® is a powerful system of spiritual, shamanic healing using universal symbology. It is a high vibrational advanced healing system drawing from ancient and contemporary symbolism & techniques of many spiritual traditions, including The Om, Infinity, the Ankh, lighthouse, totem, feathers and orbs. Rosemary has been been trained by James Phillip of the U.K. College of Psychic Studies in Alchemy Energetics. Note this modality does not require touch.

Magical Awakening® is a Celtic Shamanism healing system from the lineage of Merlin. This system works to awaken the root separation consciousness that causes illness and unhappiness by accessing ancient Earth wisdom at the elemental level. Rosemary was trained in this system by Brett Bevell.   Note: this modality does not require touch.

Chakra Balancing with Crystal, Color and Sound  are modalities in which we use crystals and sacred silk color scarves. When a chakra becomes imbalanced it can affect the physical body as well as the emotional and spiritual bodies. Chakra balancing works at releasing and redirecting stagnant energy, thus accelerating healing on all levels. Rosemary trained in this system with Fabian Maman.

At RHC we utilize a method called the ‘Crystal Resonance Placement Paradigm’ which relies on the power of the crystals along with the healing intuition of the practitioner to find the right crystal to be placed in or around the body. The color, shape and composition of the crystal creates a resonance that encourages healing to take place. 


Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) has deep effects on the body and the mind. Clients often quickly achieve deep states of relaxation. By placing therapeutic singing bowls around or directly on the body, Rosemary is able to help her clients achieve unique subtle levels of healing with VST.  In addition to her crystal and Himalayan bowls, we also have the Quartzophone and Koshi Chimes.  More information about Sound Healing at RHC.