Gift Certificates available

Gift Certificates available

From welcome to farewell, the experience at Rose Healing Center is one you not only thoroughly enjoy but look to repeat. Rosemary listens to each individual's needs and tailors her work accordingly for a truly personal experience. Her talents are multi-faceted and whether you are interested in one method or all, you won’t be disappointed with how you're treated while at the rose healing center or how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally after a session.  Deb Walker               

 "From the moment you enter the Rose Healing Center your body breathes a sigh of relief.  Then you meet Rosemary and the best part of your time begins!   Using her extensive training along with her personal intuitive guidance to help re-balance your physical body and rejuvenate your spirit."        

Betty Sue Hanson                   

Thank you so much for giving me my life back! I had tried several approaches to pain management, and finally with your help + guidance, I have been feeling so much better since our sessions! I find if I see Rosemary regularly, then I am more able to manage stress in my life. Your energy, wisdom compassion have helped me so much to regain balance in my life.
— Jonathan B.

Here is just a few things people are saying about Rose Healing:

I have been coming to Rose Healing monthly for nearly two years and will continue indefinitely! Rosemary Boyle Lasher incorporates many types of therapy, including sound, craniosacral, crystals and reflexology. I’ve found her increasing application of craniosacral therapy since I’ve been a client wonderful for calming and de-stressing. Overall, her gift as a healer and her intuitive understanding of what I need each visit makes the experience always beneficial. I feel much more centered and grounded from my time with her. Her intuitive guidance helps me clarify my thinking on tough issues and to be clearer on my bigger life goals. I feel inspired by my work with Rosemary and so grateful to know her — an exceptional human being!

Nancy Hereford
New York, NY September 2017


Rose Healing Center has had a profound effect on the the quality of my life.  Prior to visiting Rose Healing,  I was an asthmatic with COPD suffering from repeated illnesses of bronchitis & pneumonia.  I was taking a maintenance inhaler twice daily for several years, a rescue inhaler as well as steroids in a nebulizer machine.  When I attended my first appointment I was recovering from my latest round of bronchitis.  I was not able to sleep on my right side and would experience difficulty breathing within minutes of lying down.   After my first session with Rosemary, I felt extremely relaxed.  I was able to sleep on my right side without a shutdown in breathing & there was significantly less pressure in my chest.  Within 6 sessions, I was completely off all inhalers & steroids.  I no longer experience asthma attacks at all.  For the past few years I have continued regular sessions for wellness. Rosemary has helped me learn to be more attuned to my body, understand the immense benefits of vibrrational medicine and the devastating effects that stress has on our bodies.  I would absolutely recommend Rose Healing Center to anyone who is seeking to make a profound difference in the quality of their lives.                       Lori Laug 

I loved my Reflexology/IET session.  After the session, I experienced deeper sleep and more importantly I am taking deeper breaths.  I will be making  another appointment.  I would like to build on what I experienced. Thank you. Pam

"Rosemary is more than a talented, educated and qualified reflexologist. She brings to her table a deep inner wisdom and intuition that adds another dimension to your session. Her words vibrate with powerful energy and insight. Pay attention as you enjoy being in bliss."   

Susan Raskin, R.N. Holistic Clinical Nurse Specialist.

I have tried for years to find a solution to my shoulder pain - surgery, chiropractors, medicine - nothing worked. After ONE session with Rosemary my shoulder is better. Three years later and still no pain! Amazing. Dan

A healing session with Rosemary is a wonderful, insightful experience. Her intuitive abilities are advanced and her compassion unmatched. The environment she has created in her center is so warm, welcoming and peaceful. It is truly a place of restoration.
— Cathleen O'Connor

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