November 2018 Blog - Celebrating the Harvest and Doing the Holidays differently

Celebrating the Harvest

Welcome November. The month of Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for all that I have received. October was a month of travel for me. I was in Tennessee, North Carolina and Maine as well as my home state of New York.  


The gifts I have “harvested” from each of these trips are many. I will start with Tennessee where I was able to deeply reconnect with the great outdoors through a visit to the Great Smoky National Park.  In North Carolina, I was able to meet with the amazing crystal wholesale dealers at “Enter the Earth” and have brought home many exciting crystals which I am pleased to offer to the clients, friends and fans of Rose Healing at some very affordable prices just in time for the holidays!

Please note – crystal purchases are available by appointment only.

Finally, I have just returned from an incredible initiation into a healing modality called Love Light which activates the Light Centers of the Light Body.  I am still processing from this event and look forward to sharing more about this in future blogs.

Doing the Holiday Season differently.

One of the themes for November continues to be the letting go and clearing out what no longer serves. As you clear away the old and make conscious proactive choices towards change = what might that look like?

There are many things in life that could use a change. Think about all the structures that you use every day. The most important one being your body as the main vehicle that supports your life. There is also your career, work, family; community; the various extensions of yourself such as your vehicle, computer etc. Finally and perhaps hardest during this holiday season is our schedules and how we use our energy on a daily basis. Perhaps we can consider doing the Holidays differently this year. A little less rush and stress and a little more love and joy.

Realizing this may may require some adjustment and a lot of patience.  Rose Healing Center is here to help.  In addition to our individual treatment sessions, we are offering two incredible sound baths in November and December.


Sound is the link between science and spirituality “No amount of medicine or talking can reach the deepest, darkest places of the human soul. Sound takes you in those places.” Jeralyn Glass

Both the 11/17/18 and the 12/30/18 sound healings will be with the Quartzophone – the Pure Crystal Harp.  This is a deeply transformative experience that I hope you can find the time to join us for.  Advance sign up required.

 The oil for November is Gratitude (of course)


Thanksgiving Message: As I think about the many things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving season, certainly near the top of my list will be the incredible opportunity I have been given to share my healing gifts with all of you through Rose Healing Center. As we enter our 5th year in business, I am deeply appreciative of you - my clients, students, and participants.  I wish you and your families an season of abundance, gratitude and love.