October 2019 Blog and the theme is Exploration

Photo by RB Lasher 9.24.19

Photo by RB Lasher 9.24.19

The RHC blog is delayed this month because I just returned from a magical vacation in Arizona where I was in Sedona and the Grand Canyon with wonderful friends and my fellow healer Betty Sue Hanson who will be teaching Reiki 1 on 10/13 at Rose Healing.


That trip helped to inform our theme this month of “Exploration”. Sometimes it can feel like so much effort to travel and yet in the end it is always worth it to me. For this trip, I had to really embody the Brene Brown quote “Today I choose courage over comfort” .   I have a fear of ledges – not necessarily heights as much as ledges so the Grand Canyon is probably one of the scariest places on earth for me. But also the most magical.   Another great image below from the Grand Canyon. This dog was way braver than me!

The main image above - two ravens, one male – one female landed on the tree branches on the edge of canyon just a foot away from me. I knew it was a message not only for me but also for you my friends.  So when I returned I looked up the spiritual meaning of Ravens appearing in your life. The following is partially from Ted Andrews Book “Animal Speak”:

“Ravens symbolizes the cosmic forces that are at work in your life and that you can achieve your vision with the power of your imagination.  It is a time of spiritual rebirth a message that a transformation will be taking place soon.  Raven also symbolizes recovery and healing a time to let go of unhealthy habits. This part of the insight about Raven made me really laugh.  The Raven totem is a message for you to conquer your fear because on the other side of fear is something big and wonderful.   Keep a sense of wonder and curiosity alive inside because this is how you will challenge yourself to know more and be more.”

Airport Mesa VorteX, Sedona AZ

Airport Mesa VorteX, Sedona AZ

We also stayed in the magical Sedona, AZ where many of you may be familiar is a place said to be filled with energy vortexes which are spiritual locations where the energy is right to facilitate prayer, meditation, and healing. 

Bell Rock, Sedona, AZ

Bell Rock, Sedona, AZ

The Sedona Vortex sites are believed to be locations having energy flow that exists on multiple dimensions.  For me personally the three most powerful locations are Airport Mesa, Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. I had the incredible fortune to again experience the power of these locations and I look forward to bringing that energy to all of you.


Finally we visited several amazing Crystal Shops I came home with a few smaller specimens for individual work and sale.


So the theme is exploration this month. How can you explore new things in your own life? What is it that makes you curious and want to learn more, see more, be more?

Upcoming Events at Rose Healing Center

Sound Healing Meditation Circle with Crystal Harp on Sunday October 6th 10AM to 11:15 AM.  Advance sign up required as we are limited in our number of participants.

Learn Reiki with Betty Sue Hanson – Sunday 10/13/19 Learning Reiki can help you connect with universal life force energy, reconnect to your higher self, balance your mind and spirit, help you deal with everyday stress, and help you to feel the inner joy and peace of helping others.