Special Blog: Eclipse August 2017 Energy

The information I share here is at the request of several of my clients who have asked me to provide insight around the energy of the Eclipse. This information below comes from a variety of sources including those referenced at the end of this post and others, as well as my own interpretation from an intuitive perspective.  I hope it is helpful.

So when is the Eclipse exactly?

The Solar Eclipse arrives on Monday August 21, 2017 between 1:23 PM and 4:00 PM.  The peak (70% effaced for New York State - Hudson Valley region) will be between 2:42 and 2:45 PM.  Please make sure you wear proper eye protection. See NASA link below for more info.

What is the energy around this Eclipse?

The main theme around this Eclipse is RE-EVALUATION/RESET.  This is a major time for re-evaluating what in your life is not working for you and CHANGE it.  It is a time for dealing with hard truths.  The recent events in Virginia and in Barcelona show that it is a time for hard truths on a national and global scale as well.  

The entire month of August has the energy of letting go – of old outdated stuff - things, furniture, clothes, relationships, thoughts, ideas.  Really whatever no longer serves us is coming up to be released now.   This will be a challenging process.  Sometimes old outdated thoughts and ideas do not leave quietly.  On a more personal level you most likely know the experience of standing in your closet holding that blouse or pair of pants with the “someday I might wear it” thought.  No you won’t.  If you haven’t worn it in a year – let it go. If you choose to let it go – it  allows space for something new (and better) to enter. This is a metaphor for much larger “letting go” which allows us to move forward and experience life in a new way.

A RESET is a time of allowing that which has gone before is gone. Done. Finito.  We must move on and look to the future with INTENTION and THOUGHTFULNESS. This will require setting aside time (by unplugging from the TV, computer, social media, cell phone, children, day to day responsibilities etc) to dialogue with yourself exactly what it is you want to change in your life.  We can only do this through quiet interaction with ourselves and our divinity. Please use the time between now and Monday 8/21 at 2:45 PM to create this space for your sacred voice to speak to you.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate or for that matter even all that long. But it does have to be done.

You will not hear your inner voice speak to you through a cacophony of negative news streams, social media, Facebook, etc. Create sacred space in whatever way that means for you – a walk in the woods, being near water, sitting quietly in meditation. Anything that allows you to deeply listen.

Next in the theme is TRUST.  We must learn to trust that as this Eclipse transitions us to the next phase of being.  That the change we seek is for the highest good of ourselves, our Country and the planet. Trust your inner knowing more than your ego.  Trust that change will bring good things and that all will be well in the end.

Finally an Eclipse is an event that reminds us of the passage of time, of seasonal changes and that cycles are a part of life here on Planet Earth.  The bottom line is it is a unique time to re-create who you are and what you want to manifest.  It will take work, commitment and a willingness to change but the Eclipse energy can help.  Use it.

Working with the Eclipse on 8/21/17:

Take a moment on or about the time of the Eclipse 8/21/17 at 2:45 PM and be reminded that the absence of the Sun as it is eclipsed from the Earth is a true “dropping into the void”.  It  symbolizes the absence of what has been feeding old patterns and beliefs these past years and maybe your whole lifetime. This is true on a personal level but also on a much larger scale. 

As the eclipse recedes and the sun comes back, imagine that it is feeding, nourishing and energizing a new you, one that has been reset to a new vibration, a new consciousness, a new frequency.  Visualize that it is also resetting our Country and our Planet to a new vibration, a new consciousness, a new frequency.

Now that is some powerful stuff!

In Love and Light. Rosemary 

IMPORTANT NOTES:  I am not an astrologist. However I have worked with or regularly read several major astrologists that I recommend including:  http://www.natural-wisdom.org/, Or Ji Hyang Padma who I worked with several times at Omega, or https://www.janspiller.com/ who is the author of several popular books including New Moon astrology. 

If you want the purely scientific information: https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/