March 2018 Blog & Oil of the Month


We begin March with a Full Moon called the “Full Worm Moon” by Native Americans because this is the time of year when worm castings are now visible above ground and attract our friends the robins who build their nests with them.  This is surely a sign of spring!

This month also brings us another blue moon – meaning a month with 2 full moons in it. The last time we had a blue moon was in January 2018.   

Quote: Never forget that change is a positive force that is generally for the better, and that life is a performance for which none of us are given the opportunity to rehearse. ~Sally Brompton

I am surprised when some people have no awareness of where we are in the cycle of the Moon.  In my mind, it is essential we stay aware of the cycles of the natural world.   Lunar cycles deeply affect Earth’s weather patterns and therefore also directly affect us and our energy.

March 18th Event:  Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls

Photo by Ed Frampton 

Photo by Ed Frampton 

The theme for March is spring (which arrives 3/20 at 12:15 PM) but also the energetic theme is a reminder to take a “time out”.   In our busy world with computers, cell phones, instant messaging, social media, etc. we are being bombarded daily with “instant” response needed energy.  But when we really explore that “instant response needed” question, I guess we have to ask ourselves the old Byron Katie question – “Is that really true?”

March is energetically inviting us to take some time for self-reflection and awareness.  To do this properly we truly need a time out. For many of us that means letting go of the cell phone which is almost constantly in our hands.  I know many of you are already questioning if you can do that.  But there are ways to manage this.  It takes discipline and self-respect to let go of the phone and the instant response world – even for just a ½ hour.  Start small. But give yourself the gift of time. March is inviting us to listen. 

From a numerology perspective, this month has themes of introspection, freedom of expression, the physical body, sex, fertility, and commitment.    There is emphasis on how we waste our time and how easily we can be distracted from what really matters.

This is a highly creative energetic time – but is also erratic and unpredictable. Be aware that planning – not doing – is the main theme of this introspective month. If we don't take time to listen to that inner voice - how will we ever hear what it is trying to tell us?

As always we here at Rose Healing Center stand ready to help you become more centered, grounded, peaceful and healthy this spring. Our practitioners, Dr. Pam Charles,  Betty Sue Hanson,  Rocio LaRosa, and myself are ready to help.  

Oil of the Month for March:  LEMON


Lemon is very cleansing and supports a healthy circulatory system. Lemon oil is a wonderful as a household cleaning agent.    It takes 75 lemons to make on 15 ml bottle of lemon oil. From a spiritual perspective, lemon is cleansing to the mind and spirit, it helps release patterning and opens the throat and heart centers.


Purchase Lemon oil directly.

This month we have Sound Healing with the Crystal Bowls on March 18th.  Space is Limited to only 8 participants. Sign up in Advance