February 2018 Blog & Oil of the Month

Full Cold Moon-M.jpg

Ever since I was a child I have been enthralled by the night sky and the moon.  I love to gaze up and dream.   I find it incredibly powerful.  That is how I view February – incredibly powerful.  On January 31st we will experience a very unique Full Moon whose energy will carry over into February.


January 31st's Full Moon is a triple event. It is a Super Moon, a Blue Moon and an Eclipse! The Moon won't look blue, however. Researchers are predicting a bright orange eclipse--a forecast based on studies of recent volcanic activity.  This is referred to as a "Blood Moon".  A Blue Moon is when there are 2 full moons in a single month.  A supermoon is what happens when the moon is closest to Earth’s orbit and appears larger in the sky.  

From an energetic perspective, there is perhaps never a better time to focus on change than now, at least astrologically speaking.   Eclipses open portals of intensity and support for change.  Choices and decisions made during this time will carry a lot of weight into the future and any work you do in changing your patterns will be greatly empowered.  We are in a time where the habits that have run our lives are being questioned (or should be) and we are being prompted to look ahead to the kind of life we wish to create. If change is necessary, plant those seeds now with this powerful New Moon.  

This is our 2nd Blue moon already in a single year, a somewhat rare event – it will be another 19 years (or the year 2037) before it happens again.  Awesome!

Quote of the Month: "If you don’t like something, change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude."   Maya Angelou

Your Oil of the Month:  Spearmint Essential Oil


Where is the name derived from? The Spearmint plants get their common name from the pointed leaf tips which resemble "spears". The Genus derivative comes from a Latin word "mente" meaning "thought".

Most Interesting Historical Reference?

Did you know that in the Middle Ages Spearmint was scattered on the floor to deter rodents and support wellness?

What are the Spearmint Plant Properties?  Releasing yet uplifting.

What are the Documented Spearmint Uses and Benefits?  Supports healthy digestive function. Supports healthy tummies and soothes discomfort. 

How do I use it?

Use undiluted, then,

  • Dietary Supplement: place several drops in capsule and take internally. If prefer dilution, then 50:50 dilution-one part essential oil: one part vegetable oil.
  • Add a drop or two to water, juice.
  • Aromatic - Diffuse

How can I purchase Spearmint OilPurchase Spearmint Oil 

Your card of the month: "Brigit" from Doreen Virtue Goddess Deck

Don’t back Down – Stand up for what You Believe is right.

This fiery redhead is encouraging you to take charge of your life with laser focus.  Be clear about your intentions.  If you are unclear it will lessen your power and fore. If you are able to stand up for yourself, and speak up about your needs and your deepest truth think of how you will feel.


Know exactly what your goals are and make a plan of action to get there. Don’t back down. This is a card of confidence and decisiveness.   Get out of your own way.  Be receptive to divine guidance. Spend at least a portion – even 3 to 5 minutes – of your day in meditation.

It is so easy to get sidetracked by our day to day lives and forget our goals.  This is a time to ask for help from the divine.  You are not here to please everyone.  You are here to follow your will.  Stand in your power.