May 2018 Blog with Spotlight on Crystals

Our theme for May 2018 is "Nurture" and our Spotlight is on Healing Crystals

Quote for the Month: Walking slowly in the moonlight in a row of tea plants, I realized my mother was still with me. – Thich Nhat Hanh


Welcome May. While it has taken a while, spring seems to have finally arrived.  You can see it in the blooming trees and sprouting leaves.  May is also the month we celebrate Mother’s day and all the incredible women in our lives.

So our theme for May is “Nurture”.   Particularly self – nurturing.   So how do you allow yourself time for self-care?  If you are a mother of young children do you believe that it is even in your realm of possibility?  We each need to give ourselves permission for rest, relaxation and self-care.  There is that old saying on the plane, please place your own oxygen mask on before attempting to help others. 

Another aspect of being a nurturing person is possibly also being called an empathetic person or an “empath”.  Empaths’ seem to be getting more and more attention these days as people who “feel too much”. 

“Empathy” definition from Wikipedia: Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, i.e., the capacity to place oneself in another's position.  There are many definitions for empathy that encompass a broad range of emotional states. Types of empathy include cognitive empathy, emotional empathy, and somatic empathy.


If you think you a person who feels “too much” and might be picking up on other people’s energy, then you might want to consider these few steps to self-care:

  • Establish a daily practice that you do for yourself.  A daily prayer, meditation, walk in nature or whatever feeds your soul and helps you be connected to you and spirit.
  • Learn to say “NO”.  No is a complete sentence. It does not require any further explanation. You can add “NO, thank you.” If it makes you feel better.
  • Have regular body work.  Massage, Reflexology, CranioSacral, etc.
  • Consider incorporating or learning about how crystals can help ground and protect you.


We are excited to announce that Rose Healing is now offering healing crystals for sale.  We just returned for a massive crystal show and have several amazing crystals to share with you. 

We have a large selection of quartz crystal points, amethyst and several other smaller stones including carnelian, rainbow fluorite, black tourmaline and more…..


If you are interested in experiencing the crystals in a deeper way, then then consider signing up for our new Intensive Healing with Crystals and Sound – a special event being held at Devotion Yoga where I will be co-teaching with my fellow sacred healer – Betty Sue Hanson. 

Flyerhealingwith Crystals 6.16JPEG.jpg

May/June Events upcoming at RHC

Special Event: June 16th, 2018 at Devotion Yoga. Healing with Crystals and Sound.  

Sunday May 6, 2018 – Reiki 2 taught by Betty Sue Hanson

Sunday May 13, 2018 Mother’s Day Event;  Sound Healing & Meditation with the Drum

Sunday June 10, 2018 Sound Healing & Meditation with the Crystal Bowls

We here at Rose Healing Center stand ready to help you become more centered, grounded, peaceful and healthy.  Our practitioners, Dr. Pam Charles,  Betty Sue Hanson,  Rocio LaRosaMary Ellen O’Brien, and myself are ready to help.