May 2019 Blog - The Theme is "Awareness"

The theme for May is “AWARENESS”


Photo by Rosemary b. lasher

Photo by Rosemary b. lasher

The theme of Awareness can appear in many different ways. We may become more aware of where we lack as well as where we shine. We can become more aware of how we use our energy, where the boundaries are too strong or too weak, and where we hold ourselves back and where we push too hard towards unattainable expectations. We also have an opportunity to become more aware of others from a place of compassion and neutrality, not needing to jump in and fix, but just to become aware of their process.

Consciousness can be opened and raised, intuition strengthened, and senses heightened.  Waking up to a different awareness of the physical body can at first carry with it some discomfort as you become aware of your body, what it carries and where it needs attention.  Instead of self-judgment or feeling victimized or blaming others, this awareness can help you take responsibility for how to move forward in better care and nurturing of your body.

I am just completing teaching my 3rd class of the Couples Conscious Connecting Circle and am working with the themes of awareness, intimacy and vulnerability. I will be offering this class again (a series of 3 circles for couples) in September/October. 

Speaking of vulnerability, many of you have probably recently heard or seen Brene Brown. Brene describes the word VULNERABILITY in this way: Vulnerability is the courage to show up when you can’t control the outcome.

She is a bit of the hot happening thing lately. But for me Brene Brown has long been a person who has influenced my work. Brene has this wonderful ability to mix humor with hard science. If you have not had a chance yet, I strongly encourage you to view her Netflix special “The Call to Courage”. 

This one is perhaps my favorite Brene quotes “Today I will choose courage over comfort”.

 That is what I am trying to do every day – Choosing Courage over Comfort. As a result of that effort I have a whole host of new offerings upcoming at Rose Healing Center. :-) I encourage you to check them out.

Vibrational Sound Healing Experiences with the Crystal Harp

Introduction to Crystals

 Learn Reiki with Betty Sue Hanson

Conscious Couples Connecting Circle

Living in the Light - Accessing the Divine Within with Cheryl Banfield

Of course, I am still here to support you in individual hands-on sessions or phone sessions as well. Wishing you a May filled with awareness.