July, 2019 Blog - Theme "Spiritual Independence"


The theme of “Independence” is timely because on July 4th we celebrate American Independence day.  The War for Independence is one of my most favorite history lessons with the themes of political sovereignty from oppression and the ability for US citizens to become self-governed, self-directed and self-responsible. It is the ‘great experiment’ which continues to this day.  

This theme carries over easily into a metaphysical interpretation at the personal level.  So what does it really mean to be self-governed, self-directed and self-responsible?      How are you using tools of observation and awareness to help guide you in your day to day decisions? 

True Spiritual Power cannot be given, earned or purchased, for it is a natural energetic resource that we all possess and that we have access to.  Nor can authentic Spiritual Power be taken from us. We can forget this, so this is your reminder.  It is also import to remember that NO outer circumstances, no circumstance, no political leader, no co-worker, friend, sibling, spouse etc. has the power to shape your reality … unless you let it.

Spiritual independence and expansion is a practice. Just like we work out out muscles to gain physical strength, our spiritual muscles also need a work out. Please know that Rose Healing is here to help.


Crystal Pyramid Sound Healing Tool. Many of you who visited Rose Healing know that I include sound healing in my individual sessions and events.  It is always customized to the individual and the energy of the day. It can be drums, crystal bowls, rattles or bells.  One of the most powerful tools I have been trained in has been the “Crystal Singing Pyramid”.   This is played over the body during an individual healing session. 

The Crystal Pyramid Sound Healing Tool.

The Crystal Pyramid Sound Healing Tool.

"The pyramid form is a statement of perfection and balance.  It is one of the highest geometrical shapes found on the physical plane.  It represents conscious connection with the infinite source, and and physical stability at the base.  They are symbolic of the ultimate balance that each soul must achieve to complete its evolutionary process." I utilize this energy in sessions by reminding clients that we have to remember to be connected and grounded to the earth and open to the heavens.  "As above, so below".  Sage Academy of Sound.

The sound of a crystal singing pyramid being played over the body induces deep cellular healing within the meditation state. Crystal vibrations reduce stress, reconnects us to our higher spirit, massages the body, and also helps to restore balance, and align our mind-heart-cosmic connection.  If you would like to experience the crystal singing pyramid, please contact me. 


If you haven’t heard, I was a guest on Kacey Morabito Grean’s Shine on Radio and Podcast were she interviewed me about Sound Healing and the Rose Healing Center. Please click the link below to hear a free sound healing and my interview .



Geranium oil originates from South Africa but today it is cultivated worldwide.  It has a floral rose-like aroma and is steam distilled from the plants fragrant flowers and leaves and this and has been used for centuries to support beautiful healthy skin. Geranium oil calms and relaxing the body and mind and is used traditionally to support the circulatory and nervous systems, a great deal of its strength lies in its ability to revitalize body tissues. In my practice at Rose Healing Center, I find geranium particularly helpful with the release of negative emotions and memories.  It assists those who are grieving a loss and helps to diminish fears of abandonment.

Geranium Flower

Geranium Flower

How to Use:

Diffuse it to give a relaxing floral scent to the air. Blend Geranium and Lavender with an unscented lotion and apply to skin. Dab on your wrists and back of neck. or Directly inhale.


July 26 to July 28th,  I will be joining Kacey Morabito Grean at her “Beautifully Rooted Women’s Retreat” at Mariandale in Ossining, NY to share some of my sound healing with the crystal harp.  

August 11 & September 15 –Sound healing with the crystal harp – at Rose Healing Center.

September 8, September 15th, October 6th – A series – Couples Conscious Connecting Circle.  Burning out the Old, Igniting a Passion for the New.

October 13th – Learn Reiki Level 1 with Betty Sue Hanson at Rose Healing Center.