August 2019 Blog - Theme is "Balance"


There are a few theories on how August got its name.  The most popular one is that August is named to honor the Roman emperor Augustus, a man renowned for his leadership skills.  August continues the energy of summer (at least at its start) with art & music festivals, county fairs, visits to the mountains or beach and general summer energy.  It is also the time where we begin to see signs of autumn’s harvest theme.   We slowly become more aware that the sunlight is slowly waning.   We honor the gifts of the garden and harvest that which was sown in Spring.


We have a sense of soaking up that last bit of time at the beach or the mountains. Really filling our bodies and souls with the energy of nature and summer.


August accentuates community and connection through its gatherings.  It is a time to enjoy the remaining warmth of the earth, celebrate the cycles and generally make yourself more aware of how you use your time.  Fall it just around the corner and we can really feel the energy ramp up even in Mid-August as parents, teachers and students of all ages begin to turn their focus to September. So use this time wisely. Remember to put yourself on the list and get in some time in nature and maybe some bodywork too like a session at Rose Healing!


Oracle Cards


Oracle Cards are different from Tarot Cards and are a wonderful way for people to start learning to trust their own intuition.  A modern invention, these decks come without the years of history and “rules” that go with the realm of Tarot cards.

Oracle cards – sometimes called decks – are sets of cards with pictures and meanings that are specific to the vision of the creator(s) of the deck.  They can have any number of cards, from as low as 20 to as many as 144 — though 44, being a Master Number, most often make up the deck.   For August, I was guided to Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. This deck was the first Doreen Virtue deck I owned and still one of my favorites.   The card we received is:


 Interpretation from Doreen Virtue: When you think about living a "balanced life," what thoughts and feelings come to you? What areas of your life need more time devoted to them, so that your personal needs are balanced with your other responsibilities? Gaining balance is an ongoing process, born of each choice we make about how to spend our time. God gives us the strength and discernment so we need to make wise choices.

What is helpful: Pausing to pray and contemplate before saying yes to an activity.

What isn't helpful: Blaming others or feeling guilty, if your life is unbalanced.

Today and each day: Make the commitment to balance your daily schedule, to include time for what's important. This is a part of spiritual growth and self-care.  It can help to set aside even 10 minutes in your morning to meditate and consider what is important.

Here's a helpful prayer:  Dear God, Please clearly and strongly guide my choices and decisions, so that I spend my time and other resources on true priorities. Please give me the strength and self-control to say No to distractions.

From the Healing With the Angels Oracle Cards available at Amazon:

Upcoming Events at Rose Healing Center :

August 11th Sound Healing with Crystal Harp at RHC -  (Only 2 spots remain!)

September 8th the start of the Couples Connecting Circle SeriesEarly Bird Discount ends 8/15 !

September 15th – Sound Healing with the Crystal Harp at RHC

October 13th – Reiki Level 1 – Taught by Betty Sue Hanson

October 26 & 27th:  Weekend with Cheryl Banfield from Maine – Learning to Work with your Light Centers space is limited!